Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reflection Post

As I was reading I realized that I am not even close to where I should in technology be being a pe teacher I think technology wouldn’t even matter. I guess that I am wrong. I see the progress that is being made. I see that the things that I do and the things that need to be done are way apart. I know that pe is not a core subject but I also know that is important. Seeing in the book at technology is advancing and that I only use only a little bit of it seems to me that if the society acknowledges what is out there and it is very important to know where the knowledge comes from. There is so many examples in the book that I can quote but the only one that I am going to respond to is the example of the bike you need to know the foundation the wheels the frame and work from there. I know that pe is a need in our society that we have and that we the have the knowledge that we need to use this knowledge. After reading this book I will look at life and teaching at a whole different perspective.

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