Saturday, January 8, 2011

21st Century Skills

Reflection from 21st Century Skills
This book is full of ideas, thoughts and new concepts that we as teachers need to keep in mind. Technology is here to stay and is the way of the future. You may as well get on, sit down and learn all you can. As a classroom teacher of young children, I know I need to teach the basics or 3R’s-and with that incorporate technology wherever I am able to. It is also important that I encourage my students to be Responsible-to think smart- and be ready to grab every positive opportunity that comes their way.
I also believe that as a teacher it isn’t enough to teach them how to read and write-technology is ever-changing, for that we must teach our students how to be effective to access, evaluate and use information with the technology tools that are available for them.
In today’s society, teachers need to provide an environment that includes the 21st Century Skills-Collaboration, Leadership, Inquiry Based Learning, Global Awareness, Communication and Technology skills. To wrap that up-we must provide a curriculum that helps our students become well rounded productive citizens.
I thought this was interesting-“we can be globally connected with a touch of a finger!” Wow- has our society changed-I only hope it will be for the better-remember it is not technology that is bad-but how the user chooses to use it!

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