Saturday, January 15, 2011

21st Century Skills Reflection

Giving students the chance to build a better world has been the goal of educators for decades. However, in the last decade the tools that are available to our young people have grown exponentially. Technology is literally changing our world and everyday lives on a daily basis. With increased education and collaboration, students can positively impact the future health, wealth and welfare of everyone. Today's elementary students will grow up familiar and confident in the 21st century skills discussed in the book, and I don't believe we can fathom the far-reaching effects of this education. The book pointed out how standards have typically stated what a student SHOULD KNOW about subjects but the 21st century standards will emphasize what a student SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO with that content. This is a positive move and will equip tomorrow's adults to be able to apply what they have learned primarily through the use of technology and the many tools it provides. As stated, the value of combining traditional education with skills in 21st century learning lies in its "appropriate application to solving real world challenges." It is an exciting future ahead of us and our students today will play an active role in tomorrow's technological society!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Time, Our World

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Reflection Post

As I was reading I realized that I am not even close to where I should in technology be being a pe teacher I think technology wouldn’t even matter. I guess that I am wrong. I see the progress that is being made. I see that the things that I do and the things that need to be done are way apart. I know that pe is not a core subject but I also know that is important. Seeing in the book at technology is advancing and that I only use only a little bit of it seems to me that if the society acknowledges what is out there and it is very important to know where the knowledge comes from. There is so many examples in the book that I can quote but the only one that I am going to respond to is the example of the bike you need to know the foundation the wheels the frame and work from there. I know that pe is a need in our society that we have and that we the have the knowledge that we need to use this knowledge. After reading this book I will look at life and teaching at a whole different perspective.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills
This book has changed my thinking about not only how important technology is in the classroom, but how important it is to provide a high-quality teaching experience that looks at assessments, standards, and experiences of all children. Understanding just how important 21st century skills are to students make me want to work harder at providing appropriate technology activities and projects. I am excited to know that the 21st century education leaders will focus on the learning needs of each student rather than looking at the “mean” of the class. Being able to design and provide individual instruction is a better way of learning for all students. After reading this book I realized that the 21st Century skills will require more than just learning how to be connected to the world, but how to be connected to our local community as well. Our learning environments will be changing and this will require including local support and agencies. It is important to know that not only can we count on working across the globe but we can work together in a local capacity as well. Applying 21st century skills will indeed be a challenge for teaching the very young; however, it is a challenge that is greatly needed. I always did like a good challenge!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

21st Century Skills

Reflection from 21st Century Skills
This book is full of ideas, thoughts and new concepts that we as teachers need to keep in mind. Technology is here to stay and is the way of the future. You may as well get on, sit down and learn all you can. As a classroom teacher of young children, I know I need to teach the basics or 3R’s-and with that incorporate technology wherever I am able to. It is also important that I encourage my students to be Responsible-to think smart- and be ready to grab every positive opportunity that comes their way.
I also believe that as a teacher it isn’t enough to teach them how to read and write-technology is ever-changing, for that we must teach our students how to be effective to access, evaluate and use information with the technology tools that are available for them.
In today’s society, teachers need to provide an environment that includes the 21st Century Skills-Collaboration, Leadership, Inquiry Based Learning, Global Awareness, Communication and Technology skills. To wrap that up-we must provide a curriculum that helps our students become well rounded productive citizens.
I thought this was interesting-“we can be globally connected with a touch of a finger!” Wow- has our society changed-I only hope it will be for the better-remember it is not technology that is bad-but how the user chooses to use it!